Feedback and mic technique

A common problem with operating the church sound system is that the performer doesn’t hold the mic close enough to  their mouth to  get good gain before feedback. This results in the the sound tech having to push the gain to the limit resulting in unwanted feedback. Typically a performer may say ” I can’t hear my self in the monitor”.  It is the sound tech’s job to teach the performer to hold the mic close enough and when not singing do not point it at the monitor but rather simply lower it to a chest position. The bass proximity effect is another simple principle that some still don’t know about. There is that sweet spot where the mic has plenty of gain but not so close that it becomes “boomy sounding”. Keeping the mic at a consistent distance is also very important .

We are selling a lot of the headset type Galaxy HSD,  mics that eliminate a lot of problems with consistency due to the fact that the distance to the mouth is always the same.

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