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Feedback and mic technique

A common problem with operating the church sound system is that the performer doesn’t hold the mic close enough to ¬†their mouth to ¬†get good gain before feedback. This results in the the sound tech having to push the gain to the limit resulting in unwanted feedback. Typically a performer may say ” I can’t

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The Right Amplifier for the Job

How many watts of power do we really need? Well lets say that you buy two speakers that say they can handle 500 watts each and they are 8 ohms each. so now an amplifier that can do 1000 watts into 4 ohms is a good place to start. If you size the amp too

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A Shocking Situation

I get a call from time to time from a customer that explains that they are being shocked while playing on the worship platform. Upon inspection, I have witnessed dozens of ground-fault current events where signal cables interconnecting sound gear plugged into different electrical outlets mysteriously arced, sometimes turning red hot and melting before my

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